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Ashoka-Lodha Genius Programme Overview

Students are trained from an early stage to develop the knowledge, skills and qualities to make an impact at national and global levels.

On-campus Sessions

Great Ideas Seminar

  • Students will learn about the great ideas of science,  interact with the best mathematicians & scientists, and see how acclaimed scientists and mathematicians think and problematise
  • There will be 12 seminars over a period of 4 weeks

Maths Problem-solving Seminar

  • Students will develop problem-solving & communication in mathematics, training to compete at problem-solving at an elite level.
  • Teams of 3 students each solve Olympiad level problems.
  • There will be 15-20 tough problems per week.

Science Project

  • Students will have an authentic experience of practising science: they will conduct experiments, present to a scientific audience and understand the impact of science on society.
  • There will be 20 projects across various disciplines.

Talks on Ethics

One talk per week (for 4 weeks), conducted by faculty (Ashoka and external) in the form of a seminar or panel discussion.

Modules on ethics and integrity (e.g. ethics in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering) will be included in every seminar or project. Students would be given ethical exercises to perform.

Cultural and Co-curricular Activities

These activities will include movie screenings on topics such as women and science, the impact of science on society and the history of science, gardening modules demonstrating seasonal planting, cultural exposure in collaboration with Spic Macay and nature walks.

Continued Off-campus Mentoring

Students will continue to be connected with the programme

After the summer residential programme, students will continue to receive counselling and mentoring, as a team will guide and track their progress and conduct follow-up interactions based on global models. They will be part of peer-based learning cohorts and be able to schedule chats and group calls with faculty to further hone problem solving skills. They will also have the opportunity to attend frequent seminars by guest faculty from around the world and have access to e-resources, journals, study materials via the Ashoka library portal.

Participate in science fairs and research labs – around the world

Ashoka has partnerships with leading national and international laboratories and international universities including Stanford University, National University of Singapore, University of California, Berkeley, University of Cambridge, Amherst College, & Duke University to offer gifted students additional infrastructure and opportunities.

Students with higher potential will be selected for such opportunities. They will get to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops. They will also gain access to open days, e-journals and the latest learning materials from premier institutes around the world.


Sample Programme Schedule for LGP*

A typical day at LGP starts with the Great Ideas Seminar by eminent researchers and scientists who are globally recognized. It outlines  the development of some of humanity’s greatest ideas, tracing their evolution (historically or logically). Leading scholars, including Fellows of international and national academies, major prize winners, and younger scientists who are pursuing inspiring programs will be invited to speak on major advances in their field.

Students get to put theory to practice, by engaging with project faculty in the fields of mathematics, physics and astronomy, microscopy, chemistry, ecology, wildlife conservation and biology. Here, they will receive hands-on training to use state-of-the art scientific equipment and will develop problem solving skills.

The day winds down with fun and recreational activities including sports and the performing arts, movie screenings, gardening and discussions on ethics and science.

*Tentative programme schedule, subject to change

Programme Schedule for a typical day

Great Ideas Seminar 1 hr Meet with great minds and learn about exciting developments in the scientific world
Mathematics Problem Solving 3 hrs Develop problem-solving ability
Science Project Meeting 3 hrs Authentic experience of practising science
Sports Hours 1 hr Physical development & team building
Planned Activities 2-3 hrs Entertainment, discussions on ethical/moral issues for inspiration

All students enrolling to this programme will have to stay on-campus from May 17th to June 18th, 2023

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka