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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the Lodha Genius Programme?

The Lodha Genius Programme will be held from May 18th to June 17th, 2023.

What are the charges for the Lodha Genius Programme?

It is a 100% scholarship programme. The scholarship includes course fees, study materials, travel and lodging (on-campus module). You will need to book your own return train/flight/bus tickets for your arrival to and departure from Ashoka University, Sonipat, Haryana. You will be reimbursed for the same upon your arrival to the program and submission of your invoice.

What is the Programme Schedule?

A typical day at LGP starts with the Great Ideas Seminar by eminent researchers and scientists who are globally recognized. It outlines the development of some of mankind’s greatest ideas, tracing their evolution (historically or logically). Fellows of international and national academies, Infosys prize winners, and younger scientists who are pursuing inspiring programs will be invited to speak on their work. Students then get to put theory to practice, by engaging with project faculty in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, microscopy, chemistry, ecology, wildlife conservation and biology. Here, they will receive hands on training to use state-of-the art scientific equipment and will develop problem solving skills.

The day winds down with fun and recreational activities including sports and the performing arts, movie screenings, gardening and discussions on ethics and science.

What is the last day for submitting the application?

5th April, 2023

Who are LGP faculty?

Renowned faculty from Princeton, Cambridge, Yale and Stanford universities to name a few and entrepreneurs and educators from different sectors.

What are the criteria for selection for the LGP?

The application will be evaluated on the basis of your academic performance (your mark sheet/s) and an online aptitude test**. However, we always look for students who are open and curious about learning new things.

Is it mandatory to fill in the parent consent form and the recommendation letter from the principal?

Yes, it is. Although the application can be submitted without the consent and recommendation letter , you will need them to be submitted for the completion of your application and to qualify for the programme.

Do we get a certificate for LGP?

Yes, students will be given a certificate on successful completion of the programme, provided all sessions are attended and there has been desirable participation by the student. Upon receipt of your certificate, please save it securely for your use later on. However, if you happen to lose it, a second copy of the certificate will be provided which will be chargeable for a sum of INR 500/-.

Will attending LGP enable me to apply to global colleges/universities in the future?

Attending the Lodha Genius Programme will give you an insight on the interdisciplinary nature of Mathematics and Science, and will enable you to access the many study resources of Ashoka University. This will surely help you explore your interests and make the best choices for a bright future.

What are the key benefits of joining the LGP?

  • Build academic rigour
  • Be exposed to concepts & ideas at the cutting edge of various fields
  • Cultivate a sense of ethics that prioritizes serving the community and country
  • Develop strong lateral thinking skills and a problem-solving mindset
  • Access to Ecology field trips; build greater awareness of the environment and ecosystems
  • Develop leadership, collaboration and communication skills
  • Access to peer-based learning cohorts, latest scientific equipment, technology and other resources

Will I be allowed to go home between May 17th and June 18th?

No, no student will be allowed to go home during the duration of the course unless there is a medical emergency situation.

Can I bring my parents with me?

No, parents/relatives are strictly not allowed to accompany you to the campus during the course duration.

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