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Fellows Benefits

The prestigious Simons–Ashoka Fellowship will support outstanding interdisciplinary early career researchers working toward obtaining quantitative insights in biomedical sciences and related areas. The broad areas of encouragement are adopting and/or developing mathematical and computational biology methods for big data analysis for health or for addressing fundamental questions in biomedical sciences with impact on health. 

  • Each Fellow will have the opportunity of working independently while being co-mentored by a talented faculty in the sciences at Ashoka and a globally reputed faculty engaged in the research area of their choice. The co-mentor can be from overseas or from India.
  • Fellows can also choose to collaborate and perform part of their research from the wider National Capital Region of India, which houses several leading universities and laboratories and hospitals. The mentor at Ashoka will facilitate this collaboration, if needed. The list of collaborating institutions may include: 
  • Research infrastructure, computational and experimental (wherever needed) and other support will be provided by the co-mentors and their respective institutions. 
  • Fellows are encouraged and supported to organise their own meetings, seminar series and workshops for academic peer interactions. They will participate in the annual Simons–Ashoka Fellows’ meeting.
  • Fellows will get opportunities to train younger researchers and to teach courses in the relevant areas, if interested. 
  • Ashoka University will facilitate the future placement of fellows after completion of a productive fellowship tenure. 
  • Fellows can access the world-class facilities, including sports complex, library, dining etc., available on Ashoka campus. 
  • When a fellow succeeds in obtaining salary support through competitive grants or other mechanisms, this fellowship will be converted to “Research Support” with no additional adjustments.


  • Each fellow will receive an annual compensation of 1.8 million (18 lakhs) for a maximum of 3 years. Ashoka will provide standard medical benefits including but not limited to free access to in-house infirmary services. 
  • Fellows will receive other academic allowances/contingencies (flexible) to support their career growth. This will include visits to international conferences, training workshops, or visits to specific laboratories of choice. 
Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka