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Guidelines & Instructions

We’re accepting applications on a rolling basis and making hiring decisions based on the merit, suitability and quality of the applications. Applicants should pay attention to the eligibility, qualification & experience criteria as well as application guidelines.

Eligibility, Qualification & Experience Criteria

  • The fellowship is open to applicants of any nationality, although the research has to be conducted at Ashoka University or in collaboration with a laboratory in the National Capital Region of India. In case of specific requirements of the proposal, partnerships with other institutions in India with whom Ashoka has an arrangement can be considered.
  • Applicants, both national & international, should typically hold a doctorate degree at the start of the fellowship.
  • Applicants, both national & international, should normally apply within two years of obtaining their PhD prior to the date of the application submission. A relaxation of a further year is possible under special circumstances when justified in the application cover letter. In exceptional cases, candidates without a doctorate, but extremely relevant pre-doctoral backgrounds can be considered, with a higher level of mentoring for planning and execution of the project. Such applications must include a detailed letter from the proposed mentor justifying the exceptional nature of the application.
  • Applications are encouraged from researchers working in areas such as:
    • Life Sciences and Biomedical Sciences
    • Physical and Engineering Sciences
    • Pure and Applied Mathematics
    • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Applicants may either have demonstrated research contribution in the field of quantitative biology or health sciences or have a clear vision for applying their expertise to biomedicine.
  • Applicants should preferably consult with the chosen mentors/co-mentors at Ashoka/NCR and international partners to choose the site and topic of research before submitting the application. Part of the research activities can also take place in an international location. While it may be possible for exceptional applications to be considered on their own, with subsequent assistance in identifying a suitable mentor, this would not be the norm.
  • Further time relaxation to the eligibility criteria is possible under special circumstances, when justified in the application cover letter, at the discretion of the committee. Such situations could include a late transition to Biology by researchers from non-biological fields.

Application Guidelines

  • Applications must include the following headings in a single document (Pdf only): 
  • Cover letter highlighting appropriateness of the application in quantitative biomedical sciences. 
  • Up-to-date, detailed CV including publication list. 
  • Project proposal: A 2-page innovative research proposal including title, background, rationale, aims and impact of the project. 
  • Mentor page: Names, affiliations, and email contacts of the chosen co-mentors at Ashoka or in the National Capital Region / elsewhere in India, and internationally. (chosen mentors are all to be consulted ahead of application submission. For candidates without doctoral degrees, the project proposal is required to be developed and written with the help of the named mentor/co-mentor). 
  • Referee page: Names and contact information of at least two referees (chosen mentors cannot be referees).
  • Research site page: Name and address of the proposed research sites (can be modified later based on research progress).  

All applications must be submitted to simonsfellowship@ashoka.edu.in

Selection process

  • The applications will be screened. Shortlisted candidates will be requested to appear for a detailed interview over an online platform. The selection committee consists of prominent international researchers in the relevant field from across the world. In the rare circumstances where a mentor has not been identified at the time of application, an opportunity may be provided to screened candidates to identify a mentor before the interview.
  • The selection will be based on relevance and impact of the documented research contribution in the subject area supported by the fellowship, innovation in the proposed research and strength of the candidate highlighted in the recommendation letters. 
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Study at Ashoka