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Experiential Learning Module

he Experiential Learning Module (ELM) is a core component of the YIF curriculum where the Fellows work in groups of five on real-world projects from diverse sectors in collaboration with organisations and institutions (Clients). The ELM compliments academic learning at the YIF by equipping Fellows with structured problem-solving techniques, while also training them in designing and implementing sustainable solutions.

Vision and Objectives

The vision of the ELM is to help create mindful problem solvers who are prepared to venture out of their comfort zones and work collaboratively to add value to their domain knowledge in a pre-defined time frame.

Keeping this vision in mind, ELM follows certain learning objectives for the Fellows, as below:

  • Diversity of Projects: 2020-21

    Nature of work
    In the last academic year (2020-21), the ELM had thirty-eight unique projects exposing the Fellows to the following kinds of work:
    Domains of the ELM projects
    Over the academic year (2020-21), Fellows were engaging with organisations and projects under the following domains:
    The Fellows can also create their own ELM projects, which are known as Self-Designed (SD) ELM projects. In the past, several SD ELM projects have evolved into successful startups and centres at Ashoka. A few examples include:

    Barefoot Edu started in the YIF 2016-17 to explore teaching and learning in schools. It now works on building educational leadership and improving school systems across Mumbai, Jaipur and Karnal.

    CSGS was established as an outcome of an ELM project in the YIF 2014-15. The project was on establishing a space for conversations around gender and sexuality at Ashoka University.

    Quidich evolved from an ELM involving a drone that covered the 2014 Indian elections, to a full-fledged aerial solutions company. Their most recent work includes aerial coverage of the IPL 2020.


    To know more on the projects, check out some of the impact stories from YIF batch 2019-20 here.

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