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A CWC document for TA/TFs

Supporting students with lack of English language proficiency in classrooms, discussion sessions and office hours

Students at Ashoka University typically have to read academic texts, participate in classroom discussions, make presentations and write various assignments including academic papers, response papers, book and film reviews, op-eds and participate in classes, discussion sessions and office hours throughout the semester. Some students lack English language proficiency and require support and assistance in their academic endeavours. This document lists some concrete measures that can be taken by a TA/TF in order to make a course more accessible and meaningful for students who need English language support.

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Introductory Course on Academic Integrity & Ethics

CWC’s inaugural online course includes modules on academic integrity, credible sources, citations (including AI-powered texts), and summary/paraphrase.

The “Introductory Course on Academic Integrity & Ethics” is an innovative response from CWC to the evolving educational needs at Ashoka University and beyond. This course fills a crucial gap in the pedagogic ecosystem of Indian universities by emphasising academic integrity, originality, and ethical research practices. The move to a digital platform was prompted by the need for scalability, accessibility, and adaptability. The course is designed with closed captions, alternative text, and screen reader compatibility, ensuring that students with visual and hearing impairments can also effectively engage with the course content. The course also includes a dedicated section on the potential use and misuse of AI-powered language to address the ethical concerns over the usage of AI in academic writing and research. Students will be familiar with the essential tools for conducting research and writing papers independently after completing the course.

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Visit the course page on learn.ashoka.edu.in
Click on Enroll. You will be prompted to log in.
Login to the portal using the Google login button with your Ashoka University email.
Click on View Course.
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In case of technical issues, please contact IT systems: systems.support@ashoka.edu.in

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