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Curricular Activities

Through the year, the CWC provides writing and pedagogical support to courses across disciplines at Ashoka, through lectures, workshops and one-on-one sessions with students.

One-on-One Sessions
Students can avail one-on-one appointments with CWC tutors. The CWC recognizes  individualized feedback to students as a crucial component through all stages of their academic writing—from brainstorming ideas, to logically developing arguments and finally revising their work. These sessions are open to students across disciplines and levels of study.

English Language Teaching

Throughout the academic year, CWC provides English language support to students relatively unfamiliar with the language, helping them towards fluency and better understanding. Starting with the Academic Bridge Programme conducted for incoming students in the summer, the support continues in the form of English Communication and Intermediate English Communication courses in the Monsoon and the Spring semesters respectively. In addition to offering these credited courses, the CWC also provides course-specific support to students by familiarizing them with discipline-specific vocabulary, comprehension of texts, participation in classroom discussions, making presentations, and editing drafts. This is done over regular one-on-one appointments in consultation with the course instructor.

Academic Integrity Training

CWC offers Academic Integrity Training for students across Ashoka University, providing structured spaces for developing research skills and writing papers independently. As part of these trainings, CWC has designed the “Introductory Course on Academic Integrity & Ethics” for undergraduate students. The online course introduces students to established standards of academic integrity, focussing on originality, identifying credible sources of information, citations, avoiding plagiarism, and summary and paraphrasing. CWC also provides remedial workshops and sessions for Academic Integrity Violations (AIV) for the Ashoka student body. The schedule for AIV workshops in 2023-24 is given below. The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) will contact students flagged for Academic Integrity Violations to join a workshop.

Course Specific Workshops

The course-specific workshops designed and conducted by CWC address the most fundamental aspects of academic writing and critical thinking.  It includes both mandatory workshops such as the one on plagiarism, citation, and academic integrity for the first year undergraduate students and others that are optional or conducted on request. Some of the workshops conducted for various  courses like Economics, Film Studies, History, English, Environment Studies include: How to write using multiple sources?; How to read fiction critically?; Writing around numbers; Planning a historiographical essay; What is an argument?; How to write strong conclusions?; How to write an introduction?; Plagiarism and Citation; Writing Captions.


How to book an appointment with a CWC tutor:

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