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Giving back to Ashoka

Your contribution is invaluable in strengthening the University and improving opportunities for its students. As an alum, you can get involved by participating in AAA’s leadership bodies, engaging with students through the mentorship program, making opportunities available for students and alumni in your organization or even by donating to the Ashoka Alumni Fund.

Natasha Zarine

“What I received from the fellowship and all those who made it a reality, is boundless. I can only strive to give forward in the same spirit as those from whom I have received… And contribute in my small way so that more and more students get to experience Ashoka’s truly inspiring education.”

Jai Raj Bhattacharya:

“Ashoka taught me how building a great eco-system can mobilise value. Visionary founders, exemplary faculty and talented students create an N-square effect on the ecosystem. Giving back to Ashoka will catalyze this further and unlock value for talented individuals getting scholarships and taking risks that symbolizes the true spirit of entrepreneurship and change makers.”

Mahesh Jakhotia: 

“Being a part of YIF was a life-changing decision for me, both professionally & personally. It would be my ultimate joy to see more & more people experience YIF/Ashoka. Giving back is one of the avenues, which lets me fulfill this desire! Glad to play a very small role in this.”

Ways to Give

There are many ways in which your time and talent could strengthen the university. Engage with us by participating in AAA’s leadership bodies, sharing your wisdom with students, and volunteering with our various offices. 

Ashoka Alumni Fund

Students come to Ashoka seeking opportunities that prepare them to become the next generation of leaders. Ashoka is committed to admitting the most talented and innovative students who will make a difference in all walks of life. Financial support plays an important role in their ability to attend Ashoka. By contributing to the alumni fund (link the donation portal here), you can transform the lives of exceptional students, thus paying forward the opportunity you received.

Alumni Leadership

The Alumni Council and Batch Representatives consistently undertake projects to build resources for the community and enhance alumni engagement with the University. Volunteer with us on projects ranging from career/higher education support and policy making to event management and content creation to contribute to the building of the association and the University. 

Professional Opportunities

If your organisation is hiring or has openings for interns, share such opportunities with the Career Development Office to enhance the placement process of current students. In addition, if you wish to engage Young India Fellows in any professional project, share the details with the YIF Programme Team to float a year-long Experiential Learning Module (ELM).

Admissions Interviews

Help us interview candidates for admission by signing up to be an alumni interviewer. We believe that you as an alumnus have a deep understanding of what Ashoka stands for and represents. You are also at an advantage to assess candidates’ fit for an interdisciplinary liberal arts education and their potential to succeed at Ashoka. Watch out for an email from the Admissions Team to sign up for the interview panel.

Ashoka Outreach

Spread the word about Ashoka by volunteering as an ambassador in your city. Participate in our outreach efforts by interacting with prospective applicants, representing Ashoka at your local schools and colleges, and sharing your student experience with potential or admitted students.

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka