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Alumni Council 2023-25

The alumni leadership body consists of the Alumni Council and Batch Representatives. The Council, which includes the President and 6 Directors, is a representative body that is elected by all alumni for a term of 2 years.

The Alumni Council aims to represent the interests of the alumni and advance institution building by strengthening connections within the community as well as among alumni, the University and the world at-large. The Alumni Council is supported by the Batch Representatives and Chapter Representatives, elected by the batches and chapter members respectively.

Batch Representatives

Batch Representatives are elected representatives of their batch. Being elected representatives of their batches, they are responsible for presenting the interests and views of their batch to the Assembly, and assist the Council in implementing the agenda for the Assembly set forth by the President.

Batch representatives play a critical role in promoting events and initiatives of the Ashoka Alumni Assembly, including organizing batch reunions, strengthening communication and connection between their batchmates and with the larger alumni community.


Batch Representatives for 2023-25

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board includes members from Alumni Council, Alumni Relations Office and key founders of the University. The Alumni Board is constituted to give direction and mentorship to alumni leadership, approval of AAA budget and together approves all institutional support towards strengthening the AAA and alumni engagement.

Alumni Relations Office

The Alumni Relations Office aims to strengthen the Ashoka community comprising of the
alumni as well as friends, parents and supporters of the University. They ensure these stakeholders are up-to-date with University and student news as well as encourage deeper engagement and support in domains such as admissions and outreach, internships, mentorships, placements, ELMs and scholarships.

The ARO is also involved in facilitating interaction within alumni and between alumni and students to build lifelong connections and develop a strong culture of giving back.

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We are always looking for new ideas or suggestions.

Write to us at alumni.council@alumni.ashoka.edu.in or alumnirelationsoffice@ashoka.edu.in

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