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Ashoka Scholars Programme in Computer Science

Ashoka Scholars Programme confers postgraduate diplomas of a year of advanced study, research, and fieldwork. This unique one-year programme combines a real-life, academically rigorous research project and internship taken alongside a set of electives so that students can enter into successful academic and professional careers with ample experience in their fields.

  • Requirements

    To graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research (DipASR) in Computer Science at Ashoka University, students must accumulate 32 credit points at the end of one year. The course divisions and credit points requirement DipASR in Computer Science are as follows.

    • A minimum of 32 credit points is required.
    • A minimum of 16 credits from the computer science department is required.
    • Mandatory completion of CS498: Capstone Project for 4 credits.

  • Capstone Project

    CS498: Capstone Project [4 Credits]:

    A Capstone Project is done under the guidance of a faculty member and is aimed at encouraging a student to solve a complex problem. A Capstone Project is largely implementation focused. A final report describing the work done and a presentation are required.

    CS499: Capstone Thesis [8 Credits]:

    A Capstone Thesis is not mandatory. Enrollment in Capstone Thesis requires the approval of a faculty member who will take into account one’s performance in CS498 along with other aspects (including what is being proposed). A Capstone Thesis is largely research focused. Two copies of the thesis have to be submitted and a final presentation is required. The Dean will reimburse up to a maximum of Rs. 1000/- towards the cost of preparation of two copies of the thesis.


More About Ashoka Scholars' Programme

All undergraduates graduating with Bachelor’s Degrees at the end of their third year, or who have completed by that time at least academic 92 credits of their degree programme, are eligible for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research programme, also known as the Ashoka Scholars Programme (ASP). Students who need to complete up to 8 credits of their undergraduate degree must do so within the first semester of the ASP. All students who fall into either of these categories must formally apply for admission to the ASP towards the end of the Spring semester of their third year. The exact date will be circulated by the OAA.

Study at Ashoka

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