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About InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship


The InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship is the creative hub at Ashoka University that nurtures the entrepreneurial endeavours of all students, fellows, faculty and founders alike. With complete support from the founders of Ashoka, the CfE has some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country on board helping students make their dreams into reality.The Centre is committed to assisting students in every stage of the lifecycle of an enterprise– right from inspiration, ideation and initiation, to incubation, investments and internationalisation for both mainstream innovations as well as ventures around social innovation and sustainability.



- Creating a strong foundation of academic learning in the field of entrepreneurship not only to acquaint students with concepts but also with the application of the same.

- Inculcating a culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit on the campus, through various activities and campaigns.

- Serving as a catalyst for entrepreneurship at Ashoka University by supporting and incubating entrepreneurial ideas



The InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship at Ashoka University is one of a kind, as it is the perfect amalgamation of Liberal Arts and Entrepreneurship, the result of which is a vibrant community of Entrepreneurs working in a wide range of sectors spanning from the mainstream to the niche sectors. The deep social consciousness that comes out of a liberal arts education and the expertise and network derived from the Ashoka community through the CfE, make the startups emerging from the Ashoka family all the more relevant in the contemporary world.

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