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Ashoka University Wins the Innovation Award for the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Data Challenge

Ashoka University today announced its selection as one of the five awardees of the Vivli AMR Surveillance Open Data Re-use […]

When and why did sleep evolve?

Sleep is familiar to all of us, as a state we enter into and exit from daily with seemingly boring […]

Exploring Life’s Origins: A journey through interdisciplinarity

From my early school days, I had an insatiable curiosity for exploring new frontiers. Science projects were my playground, and […]

How India Gives: Indian households prioritise Elderly Care, Public Health, and Empowerment of Children as top causes for donation

 The Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (CSIP) at Ashoka University yesterday launched two reports: the second edition of its […]

BTS to YIF: Navigating a Path of Passion and Purpose

Eshani Bora is a Young India Fellow from the batch of 2024. Recently, she attended a fully sponsored, week-long ‘International […]

Embrace the detours | Dear First Year Me

Hey, it’s me—or rather you—just a bit further down the road of life. I am about to begin my second […]

Ashoka Outreach Impact: The Nanakmatta Story

One of the core visions of Ashoka University is to ensure that students from different cultures, geographies and socio-economic backgrounds […]

Changing the World One Achievement at a Time

Mohammad Shadab has recently been the recipient of several awards and opportunities. He received the highest civilian award by the […]

Byte-Sized Economics: Navigating My Nerdy Niche at CEDA

When I first arrived at Ashoka, I often found myself struck by the passion and clarity with which my peers […]

How Can Women’s Participation in Paid Work Be Improved? CEDA’s Ongoing Project Aims to Find some Answers

The fact that fewer than a third of Indian women (aged 15 and older) are part of India’s labour force […]

Outline of Gender Data Portal

The existing CEDA data portal explores gender statistics from large sample surveys such as quinquennial employment-unemployment surveys undertaken by the […]

Insights from Digital Data

Economists and policymakers have been using survey data for many decades to derive insights about various economic indicators over time. […]

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