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Welcome to LiveGreen@Ashoka

At the heart of Ashoka University, LiveGreen@Ashoka is more than a program—it’s a commitment to shaping a future where sustainability is ingrained in our daily lives. Driven by a collective passion for environmental responsibility, LiveGreen@Ashoka stands as a beacon for fostering a profound connection within the Ashokan community.

Led by dedicated students and staff, our mission is clear: to inspire and empower individuals to embrace sustainable choices, fostering a culture of responsible living on our campus.


To empower Ashokans to embrace sustainability, lead positive change, and inspire hope for a harmonious future for people and the planet.


Empowering the Ashoka community to embrace responsible and sustainable living by promoting the adoption of relevant green technologies and encouraging impactful behavioral changes.


  1. Lead by Example:
    • Make sustainability a priority by embracing green technology, embodying principles, and inspiring others through our actions.
  2. Establish Sustainable Practices:
    • Work towards embedding sustainable practices across all facets of campus life, making environmental awareness an integral part of our cultural ethos.
  3. Integrate Sustainability:
    • Incorporate sustainability considerations into every aspect of campus services and purchases, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental responsibility.

Our Approach

  1. Lead by Example through Green Technology Interventions
    • Cutting-edge Recycling Programs: Revolutionizing waste management across campus.
    • Resource Reduction Initiatives: Focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction.
  1. Establish Sustainable Practices through Behavioral Interventions
    • Impactful Awareness Drives: Utilizing diverse mediums to educate the Ashokan community on individual environmental impact.
    • Targeted Campaigns: Encouraging behavioral shifts and emphasizing the collective role in creating a sustainable campus culture.
  1. Integrate Sustainability Across Campus through Operational Interventions
    • Collaboration with Departments: Integrating sustainable infrastructure, exploring eco-friendly designs, and materials.
    • Comprehensive Training Programs: Cross-curricular courses and workshops for students, empowering them with the knowledge and skills for sustainable contributions.

Get Involved

Be a part of the LiveGreen@Ashoka community! Your involvement and commitment are crucial as we continue to inspire and lead the way towards a greener and cleaner tomorrow. Join us in shaping a sustainable future at Ashoka University. Write to us: livegreen@ashoka.edu.in


LiveGreen Blog

Stay updated with the latest news, events, and initiatives from LiveGreen@Ashoka. Read inspiring stories, learn about ongoing projects, and discover how Ashoka University is making strides towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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