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Summer Study Abroad

Ashoka’s summer study abroad programme offers students a unique opportunity to extend their semester learning experience by taking courses taught at partner and other international institutions and gain on hand international exposure. Every summer, international summer schools offer undergraduate courses in different subjects and fields. These courses enrich the undergraduate learning experience and can be transferred to the total credits.

Favourite destinations of Ashoka students include University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, King’s College London, London School of Economics, HEC Paris, University of Cambridge, NTU Singapore, University of Zurich, Utrecht Summer Session, to name a few.

Why Summer Abroad

Student Experiences

Ashoka students can opt for

Summer Courses

Ashoka students can avail partner benefits, in many international universities (some listed above) which include tuition fee discounts, language test waiver, priority acceptance etc. Credit transfer is possible for approved courses.

Research Internships

Students can apply for research internship opportunities abroad to get practical experience in their fields of interest. Such research internships are eligible for internship credits.

Unique Programmes

Unique programmes offering field-based hands-on training are eligible for internship credits. Ashoka students can participate in such opportunities that are available in partner universities.

Summer Abroad Application Process

Step 1: Attend Townhall Step 2: Find suitable courses and book office hours Step 3: Fill out GESP interest form Step 4: Apply on AMS for Summer Abroad course Step 5: Ensure your course is approved by HoD on AMS Step 6: Apply on host University website Step 7: Wait for result & Decision making Step 8: Once accepted, pay fees and apply for visa Step 9: Update AMS if there is a change in the course when abroad Step 10: Send photos and testimonial to GESP office when abroad Step 11: Once course is successfully completed, you will receive a transcript from host institution, upload the same on AMS for credit transfer Step 12: Join GESP team for Social Mixer at Ashoka

Get Guidance from Us

  • Ashoka students interested in Summer Abroad opportunities can book an office hour with GESP office. Please write to studyabroad@ashoka.edu.in
  • Follow us on Instagram @gespashoka
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