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Trainings & Workshops

Materials for the hands on  Workshop on Computational & Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems, held on 02ndAugust2023, is now available at bit.ly/handson_workshop_23_materials


Virtual Workshop on Computational & Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems

Centre for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology invites you to a 2-day virtual workshop on :
“Computational & Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems” on 31st July & 1st August 2023

Register at : https://bit.ly/AU-MBS-2023

You will receive the zoom meeting link a couple of days before the workshop.

Online Hands-on Workshop on “Next-generation Sequencing: Fundamentals, DNA Variant Calling and RNA-Seq Expression Analysis” : March, 2022

A 3-day online hands-on workshop session (3-5 March, 2022) in computational biology with a focus on next-generation sequencing analysis emphasising on genomics and transcriptomics field was conducted. Concepts from fundamentals including data mining and quality check to pipeline design for omics data study and analysis was designed and covered using an open-source computing platform.  

Virtual Workshop on “Modeling Biological Systems” :  May, 2022

This workshop was concentrated on the use of models in multiple contexts in biology, teaching both the computational background and as well as the techniques required for research in this field.

Training Programs

Summer Internship Program: June 2022

The Department of Biology and the Centre for Bioinformatics and Computation Biology,

at Ashoka University conducted a week-long internship program (19 to 25 June, 2022) in biological sciences with a strong focus on cell, molecular, and computational biology for Bachelor’s students from various Institutes and Universities. 

Bioinformatics Training Program


Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka