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Student Initiatives

Gatekeeper Training in collaboration with Ministry of Community Wellbeing 

Support Groups in collaboration with Ministry of Community Wellbeing


Mental well being during the pandemic – ACWB collaborated with Neev – The Community Engagement Club and the Ministry of Community Well-Being to create a video on mental health and emotional well-being for children and adolescents.’

Link – https://youtu.be/1vKrq23DW24 

ACWB collaborated with Neev -The Community Engagement Club as part of the student initiative. Arvinder J Singh conducted a training for teachers/mentors to better equip them with the skills to interact and deal with emotional needs of young children from Asarwarpur village.


The ACWB at Ashoka is known for its one of a kind services from one on one counselling to open conversations on mental health – empowering students.

Our collaborations with them were fruitful especially because student-driven initiatives such as the Gatekeeper Training, and Support Group initiatives were given importance. The commencement of these will help lay the foundations for more such initiatives to flourish, strengthening community well-being and student leadership.

– (Bhavya Dixit, Minister of Community Well-Being, 2020-21)  


“Several of our initiatives with the ACWB strived to strengthen community-based and peer support, and hopefully, contribute to the greater well-being of the Ashokan community. Working with the ACWB has been an enriching experience giving me insight into approaching well-being and mental health at the community level.”

 – (Kashish Janiani, Deputy Minister of Community Well-Being, 2020-21)

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka