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Services Offered

Individual and Group Sessions

The Ashoka Centre for Well-being offers individual as well as group counseling sessions to students, staff and faculty to address their emotional and mental health concerns in an emotionally safe space whilst collaborating to uncover strengths to cope with life circumstances effectively.

Crisis Intervention

Walk-In Appointments

While the Centre provides appointments via portal and email for anyone who seeks counselling support for emotional turmoil, one may require more immediate support in times of a crisis. For such situations, the Centre is open for walk-in sessions to any member of the Ashoka community in need.

ACWB Helpline 

The Centre also operates a helpline to offer support to anyone in crisis or in need of wanting to talk to a mental health professional.

Members of Ashoka community can call the helpline at +91 7082000421 from Monday to Friday between 5 pm to 7.30 pm (The helpline is active on all working days).

Kindly note that the helpline is a space for brief support and you can also book a full session with us through the ACWB Portal. Slots are updated every Sunday around 5 pm and remain available through the week until booked.

Contact Us

Reach Out to Us:

Email: well.being@ashoka.edu.in

Book Appointments: https://acwb.ashoka.edu.in/

Locate Us: CN313, 3rd Floor, AC 04, Ashoka University, Sonipat

ACWB on Instagram: @acwb_ashoka


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