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Services Offered

Individual & Group Sessions

The Ashoka Centre for Well-being offers individual as well as group counseling sessions to students, staff and faculty to address their emotional and mental health concerns in an emotionally safe space whilst collaborating to uncover strengths to cope with life circumstances effectively.

Progressive Relaxation workshops are geared towards destressing through increased awareness of your body and creative visualisation. 

Mentoring & Collaboration

In its role as a centre for excellence, ACWB has mentored students and faculty across universities in India to curate webinar series as well as set up walk-in centre for emotional problems.

Crisis Intervention & Helpline

The Centre provides appointments via portal and email for anyone who seeks counselling support for emotional turmoil. During crisis, counselors are also available for walk-in sessions to support people who approach the Centre.

ACWB Helpline 

Team ACWB also extends additional support through our helpline.

Members of Ashoka community can reach out to us at +91 7082000421 from Monday to Friday between 2pm to 5pm.

Kindly note that the helpline is a space for brief support and you can also book a full session with us through the ACWB Portal. Slots are updated every Sunday around 5 pm and remain available through the week until booked.



Capacity Building

Gatekeeper Program

The programme is designed to offer sensitivity training for various student groups, residential advisors, cohort leaders, and student representatives.

It aims to train in identifying sources of anxiety and stress, offering peer support, and helping connect students with the right resources. Through these training we have managed to build a well-equipped group of first responders from amongst the campus community.

Dial-A-Peer (DAP) Helpline

            ACWB has regularly offered the DAP helpline. The helpline offers emotional support to students through trained student volunteers. Callers may speak confidentially without fearing shame or judgement. Student trainees are coached on picking up signs of anxiety or depression and are supervised by professional counselors. The emphasis is on listening without advising and on providing a space to vent emotions.




Contact Us

Reach Out to Us:

Email: well.being@ashoka.edu.in

Book Appointments: http://acwb.ashoka.edu.in/

Locate Us: AC04 3rd Floor, New Library Building. Near LR 310

ACWB on Instagram: @acwb_ashoka


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