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Internship and Volunteering Opportunities

As we have always believed, being a residential university, Ashoka can offer unique opportunities for students to intimately be part of a strong, opinionated and active community. It is our belief that engaging students in initiatives on mental health and well-being, particularly around campus, can be an important means to create such a community life. 

Ashoka Centre for Well-Being has time and again involved the Ashoka Community in student-led initiatives and collaborations. Student volunteers have taken part in advocacy projects, Gatekeepers Programme and assisted the Centre in organising Well-Being Day and Gratitude Day etc. 

Since September 2021, ACWB has also offered internship opportunities with the Centre to final year Undergraduate Psychology students within the university. We have run four batches till June 2022. The internships are now offered on a rotational basis and the plan is to expand the opportunity to students from other departments and eventually to students outside the university as well. 

Internships at ACWB

Starting with 2021, ACWB offered Ashoka Students a unique opportunity to engage with the Centre and experience the process of working in the field of Mental Health through our Internship program. Herein, students learn about the Centre and its workings, get training in the Gatekeeper’s program, engage with learning various modes of counselling used at the Centre and take up projects on advocacy and research. The program runs under the guidance of Director Arvinder Singh along with support of the counsellors at the Centre.

The Centre ran two batches of interns in 2021 providing them with 40 hours of internship each spread across two months. The third batch began in January 2022 and continued for the whole semester giving students ample time to work on their projects. We ran our fourth batch over the summer as a part of our summer internship program and they also became the first internship batch the Centre welcomed in person.

The interns working with the Centre have provided us with interesting perspectives and innovative project ideas. These include advocacy around suicide, queerness and mental health, accessibility to counselling services and help seeking behavior among the students etc. Some of their researches were also able to throw light on particular mental health trends within the Ashoka community with suggestions on how to tackle them. It has been an enriching experience for both the students and the ACWB team.

ACWB hosted an internship certification distribution ceremony for the first 3 batches of interns on 2nd May 2022. These batches were run from August 21 to April 22.

Some comments from our interns:

“Overall, this internship gave me a number of valuable things: new ideas to consider, information to
remember, and avenues to explore. I am hopeful that we can continue research regarding mental
health on campus – perhaps ACWB could even develop a small department devoted to this! In any
case, I’d recommend this internship to anybody looking to reflect on their own role within the space
of mental health and wellbeing at Ashoka.”

Svasti Dutta
ASP 2021, Ashoka University
ACWB Internship Batch 1
“ACWB’s team of counselors were able to provide different perspectives and answered my theoretical
doubts and questions regarding the process of counselling based on their experience in the field
whilst working with clients, especially college students. They also informed me about the campus
protocols and essential steps taken during the case of a mental health crisis. Interacting directly with
experienced counselors allowed minimal error in communication and I was able to get an actual
glimpse into the whole planning surrounding the counselling process and the way ACWB functions.”

Ritu Hotchandani
Undergraduate class of 2022, Ashoka University
ACWB Internship Batch 2


Peer Advocates for Mental Health

With the incoming batch and beginning of the new semester, ACWB is planning to have a team of volunteers who will act as the Advocates for Mental Health. These will be people from the student community who’ll take part in projects on social media and on campus advocacy.

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Study at Ashoka

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