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Multiplying the ACWB Impact

Mental Health Training and Sensitisation with the Infirmary Staff – 4th July 2022

An interactive training and sensitisation session was conducted at the new infirmary and was attended by the doctors and the nursing staff. The aim of the session was to build awareness about the kind of mental health concerns that can come up on campus. We discussed the need for empathy in handling student concerns, the do’s and don’ts in handing students who self harm. Information about ACWB and how we help was also provided to the people involved.

Well Being at Workplace

The Centre has planned a “Well-Being at Workplace” series to be conducted continually over time with staff to help maintain their overall well-being.

Tension Se Mukti Kaise Payein Workshop – 23rd June 2022

­ACWB conducted a 1-hour well-being workshop for the housekeeping staff on “Tension Se Mukti Kaise Payein.” The workshop focused on learning how to engage in simple activities such as deep breathing and tapping, that can help release tension and regulate our nervous systems. The Housekeeping staff found the activities engaging and shared feeling light and relaxed after the workshop.


The Eagle Within Me Workshop – 23rd June 2022 

­ACWB facilitated a well-being workshop for the administrative staff that focused on self-growth and finding purpose through the life scripts that we create and agency we hold in the journey of our lives. The workshop received a positive response and the simple exercises to bring a shift in perspective were well appreciated by all in attendance.


What is your Story? – 19th May to 26th May 2022

ACWB conducted a part time experiential 3-lecture series for the students of YIF, focusing on building self-awareness, authentic communication and identity.


Being an Effective Peer Counselor – 12th May 2022

ACWB conducted a training for undergrad students that would serve as peer counsellors to high school students enrolled in the Young Scholars Program at Ashoka University.


Internship Certification Distribution Ceremony – 2nd May 2022

ACWB hosted an internship certification distribution ceremony for the last 3 batches of interns. These batches were run from August 21 to April 22.


Gatekeeper Program – 25th April 2022

ACWB conducted an in-person “First Responder Training for Mental Health Concerns | Gatekeeper Program” at our new location on campus. The sessions are aimed at training individuals from the Ashoka Community to act as first responders to anyone who might need urgent assistance with regards to mental health concerns. The First Responder System is meant to provide swift support in the mitigation of a sudden crisis situation and is under no circumstances a substitute for counselling or therapy.


Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka