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Ashoka Philosophy Society

The Philosophy Society aims to make philosophy more accessible by illustrating how it is intrinsically linked, not only to the liberal arts, but to the process of thinking in general. Through our diverse & unorthodox events, we persevere to prove that the subject is not abstruse: it does not lie solely in the domain of dead white men who would use ‘abstruse’ instead of ‘obscure’, for no good reason.

Core members:

  • Udoyon Banerjee (PoC) 
  • Deepti Jayakrishnana
  • Harsha Potapragada
  • Ila Deep
  • Mukund Maithani 
  • Nayancee


PhilCon Ashoka University is India’s only Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. It is single-handedly organized and hosted by the Ashoka Philosophy Society and supported by the Philosophy Department and, of course, Ashoka University as a whole.

See below for impressions from PhilCon 2019 and PhilCon 2016.

PhilCon 2019

The Announcement:

PhilCon Ashoka University is India’s only Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. Apart from featuring academic speakers, the conference will provide a platform for undergraduate philosophy students to present their work to peers and esteemed academics. It will take place on 23rd March 2019.

PhilCon 2019 aims to push the boundaries of what an academic conference can be. We want to be as radical and inclusive as possible in our choice of theme, speakers and structure. We’re looking for people who are excited about Philosophy but want to reimagine traditional philosophical engagement.

PhilCon 2016

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka