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This is where you find information about past, present, and future conferences and workshops organized by or with the help of the Philosophy Department.

Feb 2020: Reformed Empiricism and Its Prospects

On the Valentine’s weekend 2020, an international philosophy conference took place at the IIC Delhi labeled “Reformed Empiricism and Its Prospects.” Philosophers from the US, UK, Germany, Serbia, Korea, and India came together to discuss Anil Gupta’s most recent book, “Conscious Experience“.¬† The conference was generously funded by Ashoka University, supported by the¬†Philosophy Department, organized by¬†Professor Raja, and assisted by the Departmental Manager,¬†Manasi Thaken.

For the website of the conference, see here.

A few impressions (all and only the good photos: credit to Jishnu Ghose):

Audience – 10 a.m. and not a bad turn-out at all!

Umrao Sethi defending new wave relationalism, interacting

nice break

left: Tony Cheng, right: Peter Epstein

Anil Gupta and Kranti Saran


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