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Past Permanent Faculty Members

Where they are now...

Aditi Chaturvedi joined Ashoka University in 2016 and moved on to Azim Premji University in Spring 2021 for personal reasons. She remains cordially affiliated with the Philosophy Department at Ashoka University (and many other faculty members beyond) and we hope to keep working with her on joint projects in the future.

Here is her website at APU: https://azimpremjiuniversity.edu.in/people/aditi-chaturvedi

Scott Dixon joined Ashoka University in 2015. In Monsoon 2021, he is joining Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, to be closer to home. We wish him the very best for his new position and look forward to inviting him back to campus for talks and conferences in the future.

Past Visiting Faculty Members


“It was a great pleasure and fun working with the students of Ashoka University: among them some of the most brilliant students I’ve ever had. If there’s every any chance in the future again, I’ll be delighted to have the fantastic experience again.”

Prof. Piotr Balcerowicz, Chair of South Asian Studies,

Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw

“My students in Political Theory as well as Critical Thinking were as a whole the most responsive, responsible, and enthusiastic among students in my teaching experience. All of them made great efforts to finish all of their work, despite the global shakeup that began early in the semester.

The camaraderie among the faculty was warm, understanding, and collegial. They were interested in one another’s work and stayed in friendly and helpful contact during the crisis. While being visiting faculty, I felt treated as much a part of the team as a permanent member.”

Dr. Lantz Fleming Miller

“My visit to Ashoka was highly stimulating and enjoyable. It was great to talk philosophy with faculty, whose command of the subject is impressive both in its breadth and depth. The students are, of course, as good as anywhere in the world. And hanging out with them at the Dhaba is an experience in itself.”

Prof. Anil Gupta

Alan Ross Anderson Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

University of Pittsburgh

“The year I spent at Ashoka was a happy one. I benefited enormously from my interaction with the talented students, teachers and researchers that I met there and hope, one day, to visit again.”

Prof. Martin Lin

Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University

“Teaching at Ashoka was a tremendous experience. First of all, the students were excellent, being both engaged and intellectually hungry. This remained true even as we transitioned to online learning as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Indeed, despite the difficulties involved, I would say the students met the challenge with alacrity. They engaged with the course material in sophisticated ways, raising questions both philosophically astute and that brought their broader concerns into productive dialogue with the philosophical concepts under consideration.

Second, the faculty at Ashoka were welcoming, curious, and warm in their collegiality. It was not difficult to integrate into faculty life there. As a young and growing institution, there is an air of excitement and intellectual energy around Ashoka that is infectious. I would be more than happy to return and teach at Ashoka again.”

Dr. Alex Haitos

“It was a pleasure to teach at Ashoka. Students are smart and engaging. The faculty is friendly and I had many productive philosophical discussions with them. I look forward to going back to Ashoka!”

Dr. Juliana Lima

(to return in Spring 2021)

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka