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Select Publications - About

Perhaps you are curious what our own faculty members are working on? If you want to read some of their writing, here is what they recommend you look at:

Clancy Martin

Expect Clancy Martin‘s recommendations here soon.

Danny Weltman

These are Danny Weltman‘s most recent publications. They are forthcoming, so keep an eye out!

  • “Territorial Exclusion: An Argument against Closed Borders.” Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, forthcoming.
  • “Illiberalism Immigrants and Liberalism’s Commitment to its Own Demise.” Public Affairs Quarterly, forthcoming.

Kranti Saran

Kranti Saran recommends that you read his Ergo paper on Attention:

Raja Rosenhagen

Raja Rosenhagen recommends this:

Publications - Past Faculty

Aditi Chaturvedi

Aditi Chaturvedi suggests the following (though she also adds that she has changed her mind about Empedocles in the meantime):

Scott Dixon

Scott Dixon has the following three papers to recommend:

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka