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Philosophy Helpdesk

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The Philosophy Helpdesk is a student-run initiative funded by the Philosophy Department. The helpdesk is run by 3rd-year and 4th-year philosophy majors who work as tutors and help their peers (enrolled in a courses offered by the Philosophy Department) with assignments – including but not limited to structuring arguments for a paper, feedback on drafts, concept clarification, and homework sums.

An appointment sheet is circulated every week with the details of the tutors. Each available slot is of 20 minutes but a student can book multiple slots with the helpdesk. In a typical semester, the helpdesk employs approximately 5 students among the 3rd-year and 4th-year philosophy majors as tutors. The helpdesk is supervised by the student representatives of the Philosophy Department or an in-charge appointed by them.


A typical email you’d get from the Philosophy Helpdesk:

Stressed about your next 4-sentence paper? Or perhaps about your short essays for Indian Civ? Don’t worry, the Helpdesk has got you covered!

We have appointment days and drop-in days. 

Appointment daysBook a 20-minute slot with one of our tutors one day in advance. If you want to cancel your appointment, please do so the previous day. If you think you’d need more than 20 minutes, book more than one slot. 

Drop-in days: 

Drop in any time within the slots specified on a form (that we happily send you if you email us) to talk to our tutors, in case you forgot to make an appointment/these timings are better for you. You can reach us at

philhelpdesk AT ashoka DOT edu DOT in.

Our tutors are 3rd-year and 4th-year Philosophy Majors who can help you with

  • structuring your argument for a paper
  • feedback on a draft
  • concept clarification
  • homework sums, and more. 
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