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Peer Learning Support Programme (PLSP)

The Peer Learning Support Programme is an interactive platform based on a mentor-mentee framework, where senior year students provide one-on-one assistance and guidance to junior year students who are facing difficulties with navigating several aspects of their academic journey at Ashoka. Till now, the PLSP has had more than 100 students as volunteers to be mentors and guide their fellow Ashokans in having a more fulfilling university life. The PLSP also recently received the award “Creative and Entrepreneurial Initiative” by the Office of Student Affairs.

Messages from Mentees for their Mentors

Having you as my peer mentor this semester has been an absolute pleasure. I can’t thank you enough for always being so patient with me and for answering all my queries with eagerness. Your constant virtual presence has been reassuring, and something that proved to be absolutely necessary for getting my ship across the wild sea that my first semester at Ashoka was. Thank you for making things a little easier than they were for me. 
-Mentee 1

Thank you for standing by and looking out for me throughout the entire semester. You were always there to listen to even the smallest of inconveniences without ever dismissing them. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and I know I would never have survived my first months of uni without you. Thank you so, so much! I wish you all the best for what’s out there and I hope you receive just as much support as you’ve given out in everything that you do and so much more. I’ll be cheering you on!
-Mentee 2

I’m incredibly grateful for all of your help this semester. Just starting out at college, especially in an entirely online mode, was daunting and puzzling to say the least. However, your guidance and patient consideration made it so much better! Thank you so so much for your prompt responses to all my queries, your helpful suggestions, and most importantly, your kind support throughout the last few months! Genuinely thankful for all of your efforts and hope to see you on campus soon!
– Mentee 3

College Readiness Program

In July 2022, the Office of Learning Support (OLS) successfully concluded the third edition of its College Readiness Program. A 3-part virtual learning series designed exclusively for high school students with disabilities, this program seeks to equip students with tangible skills that prepare them for the transition from high school to college. It saw participation from eminent experts in the disability and higher education space, parents and most importantly, students themselves. The idea was to offer an interactive platform to these stakeholders to come together and share ideas and knowledge on disability inclusion in higher education.

The program was divided into three modules, which covered topics such as the importance of self-awareness, navigating college applications, job opportunities, using assistive technology to facilitate higher education journey, accessibility, creating a support system, and the need to self-advocate for one’s needs. The speakers consisted of eminent experts from the field, parents who have supported their wards’ journeys and neurodiverse students who have braved the education system which does not work in their favour. They all came together to conduct specific sessions that addressed questions of other students, parents and professionals who are in the pursuit of higher education and offered practical strategies to aid their college preparation.

Through this program, the OLS was able to build a safe space for the participants to share their experiences and learn from each other. The program saw active and enthusiastic participation from students, parents and professionals, which made it the huge success that it was. It gave them a forum to build networks and support each other in their journeys, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The OLS is deeply appreciative of the time spent with the participants to learn and understand the situation of students with disabilities in India and move a step further towards preparing neurodiverse learners for higher education.

Attendee Testimonials

I applaud your efforts for putting up a great webinar on a topic that is hardly discussed and lacks the needed attention. It was wonderful to hear students and parents about their journeys of self-empowerment and self-advocacy.

Honestly speaking it was something I was always looking for, A platform where all the answers one was always searching for could get a went. World at large is unable to comprehend the issues and requirements of specially abled children. Students and speakers from various fields gave a great insight into many things. Overall, it was a wonderful program.

Well-coordinated and comprehensive. Helpful checklists for awareness, advocacy, decision making. Lived experiences to learn from and be energised by.

It was all very informative and useful. The insightful part was to the students speaking of their journey and how they navigated the system. It was also amazing to hear the parents.. and their fight for themselves and or their children. It brought to fore the importance of the very reason Ashoka chose to take this series – the need to create awareness and policies for easier transition for these children into adult learning and life.

Wonderful insights and information shared by all – speakers, parents and professionals. Such platforms vigorously widen your knowledge and make you aware of so many things related to special needs. I too have a Special needs child and such interactions make you feel you are not alone!
-Parent and Professional

It was a well-planned program with a good mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, the topping on the cake was the third module, wherein, students with disability shared their experiences and the also parents of children with disability shared their journey. Listening to them makes it so much real and it no more looks like things are not possible.

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