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Assistive Technology Resources

An Assistive Technology tool is a device in the form of hardware and/or software that makes an academic curriculum and any learning environment accessible to persons with specific learning needs. The OLS has collated a list of assistive devices for students to try out and use. Since this is not an exhaustive list, students are welcome to share their experience with the other tools and recommend them to the office.

For detailed information on any of the following tools, please write to ols@ashoka.edu.in

State-of-the-Art Assistive Technology Tools

  1. Graphiti: Tactile Graphic Display
  2. Picture In A Flash (PIAF): Tactile Graphic Maker

Screen Readers

  • Apple VoiceOver (in-built tool on Mac and iOS)
  • Microsoft Narrator (in-built tool on Windows)

Screen Magnifiers

  • Zoom (in-built on Mac and iOS)
  • Magnifier (in-built on Windows)

Speech-To-Text Tools

  • Google Voice Typing
  • Mac Dictation (in-built tool on Mac and iOS)
  • Windows Speech Recognition (in-built tool on Windows)
  • Talk&Type – (within Read&Write)
  • Dictate (within Office 365)

Grammar & Spell Checkers

Accessible e-books

  • Bookshare
  • Sugamya Pustkalya

Ashoka University has memberships with the above two online libraries which provide accessible eBooks. The OLS can provide individual accounts to students who are eligible. Please contact ols@ashoka.edu.in  for details.

Mind Mapping Tools

  • Inspiration
  • Mindview Mindmapping
  • MindGenius Education
  • Kurzweil 3000
  • ClaroIdeas
  • Popplet
  • MindMeister
  • MindManager

Content Conversion Tools Available with OLS

  • Book Scanner (placed in library)
  • Abby FineReader (PC) – OCR and PDF software application
  • Adobe Acrobat (PC and Mac)- OCR and PDF software application
  • Math Support through InftyReader and ChattyInfty
  • Transcription and Captioning

How to access Assistive Technology?

  • Assistive Technology is provided as an accommodation through the OLS for students with specific learning needs.
  • Students should make an appointment with the office to understand the eligibility, receive training and check the tools available through the office and otherwise.
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