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Shakespearean Extravaganza at Ashoka University

By Kothapalli Gopichand Ashoka University is back with the yearly Shakespeare festival. Enthusiasm flowed in from all corners of the […]

Shakespearean Extravaganza at Ashoka University

Ashoka University is back with the yearly Shakespeare festival. Enthusiasm flowed in from all corners of the Multipurpose Hall at […]

Student clubs and societies add to vibrant campus life

January, 2016: Close to clocking two years, campus life at Ashoka has certainly come a long way. With a few baby […]

Ashoka University students attend Leadership Institute at Wellesley College

Ashoka University has several partnerships with leading universities from around the world.  The latest partnership was recently announced between Ashoka […]

Snapshots of YIF guest sessions

The strings behind war When we discuss the wars of modern India, Pakistan is the commonly invoked antagonist. After all, […]

An evening to remember at the Friends of YIF Dinner

November, 2015: The legacy of the Young India Fellowship has been carried forward for the past five years. Each year, Fellows […]

Ashoka hosts selected school students for an essay-writing workshop

November, 2015: This semester, the Centre for Writing and Communication (CWC) collaborated with Ashoka University’s Outreach department to organise an inter-school […]

The Trivedi Centre for Political Data: Making sense of India’s politics through numbers

By Gilles Verniers November, 2015: The transparency of public life depends on the availability of reliable information. The fact is that […]

Ashoka Never Sleeps

November, 2015: Tired and exhausted at 3.37 am, I finally go to bed. The next morning, groggy and lazy boned, I wake […]

Feminism, Queer Politics and Gender Roles

November, 2015: In the past month Ashoka University hosted several guest sessions that have been illuminating for their powerful discourse on […]

Siddharth Varadarajan, Founding Editor of The Wire inaugurated Ashoka’s Media Lab

Siddharth Varadarajan, who is the Founding Editor of The Wire, paid a visit to Ashoka University on Tuesday, November 29th. […]

Ashoka University gets its first Alumni Association

By Malini Bose, Kshiti Gala and Jasmine Luthra October, 2015: The wires have been burning up across the internet and other […]

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