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YSP (General) – FAQs

1. What is the Young Scholars Programme (YSP General)?

The Young Scholars Programme (YSP General) is a five-day on campus programme that introduces high school students to liberal arts & sciences education. It is a certified programme in which students are exposed to different disciplines such as History, Literature, Computer Science, Psychology and more through interactions and group discussions. The programme incorporates a range of activities such as faculty presentations, writing sessions, small group activities and creative workshops. Further details can be found at https://ashoka.edu.in/ysp.

YSP General and YSP-Sciences have two separate application forms. You need to apply using the respective application form as per your preference.

Students who wish to apply for the YSP Advanced (General+Sciences) programme, there is a separate application form and they can apply using that application form.

2. What is a ‘liberal arts & science education’?

Liberal arts & sciences education celebrates discussion and debate in the classroom. A liberal arts & science education focuses on providing critical thinking skills and multiple perspectives to students, which is considered an essential part of leading an ethical and purposeful life. Essentially, it incorporates breadth and depth across multiple disciplines.

3. What is the deadline for the submission of the application form?

The deadline for the submission of completed applications is March 31st, 2023.

4. What are the dates of the YSP General programme?

YSP General: May 22 to 26, 2023

5. What are the charges for the Young Scholars Programme (YSP General)?

An application fee of Rs 500/- has to be paid with the submission of the completed application form. This is non-refundable.

YSP General course fee is INR 45,000.

If selected, the student has to pay the full fees to secure their spot.

Students who wish to opt for both YSP General and Sciences combined programme, the total programme fees to be paid is INR 70,000.

6. What do the programme fees include?

The programme fee includes access to all the sessions for the course duration, including founder talks, interactive sessions, and follow-up reading materials.

7. Is scholarship/financial aid available?

Yes, need-based financial aid is available.

8. How does one apply for financial aid?

The financial aid section is available on the online application form. Please visit the application portal to register and receive an application ID. This section can be accessed after filling the first section of the YSP General application form. You can then continue to fill in the details required to avail financial aid in the application form and submit the completed application form.

9. How is students’ financial need assessed for financial aid?

The application for financial aid is part of the online application to the Young Scholars Programme (YSP General). Students who apply for aid will have to submit the required documents as mentioned in the form for need-based evaluation of financial aid.

10. What is the programme schedule?

The YSP General day is creatively designed to engage young minds in the best possible manner by eminent Ashoka faculty and staff. A typical day at YSP General begins with students starting with the morning for academic sessions. Students are in 3 sessions before lunch, with a snack break in between. The day continues with writing sessions, workshops, guest speaker series and more. Students are given a transition time of at least 15 mins between each session. In the evening, students are invited to be part of an optional Unwind session offering an opportunity to network with their peers and Ashoka UG students in a more informal setting. The final schedule will be shared with participants of YSP General closer to the programme.

11. Are there any technical prerequisites for attending this programme?

Since the YSP General 2023 is back On-Campus, technical requirements will be taken care of by the Institute.

12. What is the last day for making the payment?

5 working days after the final YSP General application deadline.

13. Who are YSP General counselors?

The counselors are some of Ashoka’s finest students, carefully chosen after a rigorous selection process. They are trained to work and lead activities with high school students.

14. Who is the faculty?

All YSP General faculty are members of the teaching staff at Ashoka and are some of the foremost academicians in their fields with several papers to their credit. They have years of experience teaching talented students across the world.

15. What are the criteria for selection for the Young Scholars Programme – (YSP General) at Ashoka?

The application will be based upon your academic performance (your mark sheet/s), the essay to be written as part of the application and co-curricular activities reflects the same. However, we always look for Students who are open and curious about learning new things.

16. Are students appearing for their Class 12 board examinations in 2023 eligible for the programme?

This year students who are appearing for their Class 12 board examinations in 2023 are eligible for the YSP General programme.

17. What are the academic requirements for the application?

The mark sheets of the previous two grades.

  • Students starting Class 9: Submit mark sheets for Class 7 and 8.
  • Students starting Class 10: Submit mark sheets for Class 8 and 9.
  • Students starting Class 11: Submit mark sheets for Class 9 and 10. (in case board results are not available, the latest Class 10 result, e.g. pre-boards/ first term, is acceptable).
  • Students starting Class 12: Submit mark sheets for Class 10 board exams and Class 11 or recent most available academic records.
  • Applicants should upload at least one available mark sheet, which could be from the previous two years of education.

18. Is there a minimum percentage requirement to apply for the Young Scholars Programme (YSP General)?

No, there is no cut-off percentage for applying to the programme.

19. Is there a waitlist?

Yes, there is a waitlist. Students who are on the waitlist will be informed, and as vacancies open up, they will be contacted for admission.

20. How will the candidates be notified about their admissions decision?

Candidates will be notified about the admission decision via their registered email. YSP General staff actively monitor all emails and respond with the required information promptly.

21. Do we get a certificate for the Young Scholars Programme (YSP General)?

Yes, students will be given a certificate on successful completion of the programme, provided all sessions are attended and there has been desirable participation by the student. Upon receipt of your certificate, please save it securely for your use later on, however, if you happen to lose it, a second copy of the certificate will be provided which will be chargeable for a sum of INR 500/- Rupees.

22. Will attending the programme increase my chances of admission to the undergraduate programme at Ashoka University?

Attending the YSP General programme will give you an insight on liberal arts & sciences education and the Ashoka pedagogy. This will surely help you with your undergraduate application form at Ashoka University. However, this does not guarantee admission to the Ashoka UG programme.

23. Are there any terms and conditions/code of conduct for the programme?

Yes, all YSP General student participants will have to accept terms and conditions that will include:

  • Being responsible and ethical netizens.
  • Sensitive & committed to learning.
  • No use of offensive language on any platform.
  • The YSP General Code of Conduct will be sent to all admitted students who will need to sign before they start the programme.

24. Will I have to attend all the sessions?

YSP General is a very engaging programme, attending each session will add value to your learning and knowledge across various topics and also help later in college applications and making informed choices. Hence, attendance and participation are strongly advised for a meaningful experience and to obtain the programme certificate.

25. What is the refund policy?

  • From the evening before the commencement of the programme: NIL.
  • Up to seven days before the commencement of the programme: 75% of the fees will be deducted.
  • Up to fifteen days before the commencement of the programme: 50% of the fees will be deducted.
  • Up to twenty-one days before the commencement of the programme: 25% of the fees will be deducted.
  • All refunds will be processed after / within 30 days of the completion of the programme. This refund will be assessed on a case by case basis, and ONLY in case of a clash with the national or state boards. In such cases, the date-sheet will need to be provided, following which the refund will be permitted.

26. Can the guardians of the students accompany them? If yes, are they allowed inside the campus?

Guardian are welcome to drop-off their child but not allowed to stay overnight on campus.

27. Do I need to carry any ID or document to enter the campus?

Yes, you need to have a valid School/Government issued ID card.

28. During the 5-day stay on Ashoka campus, once the everyday schedule gets over in the evening, are the participants allowed to go out of the campus, as there might be some security concerns?

No, they are not allowed.

29. Is double-vaccination mandatory for participants?

Students must have received at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before they arrive on campus. At the time of entry into the University Campus, temperature and SpO2 screening will be held at the main gate and students must also provide proof of vaccination.

30. Keeping the COVID situation in mind, will the participants stay in single accommodation or on a sharing basis?

The students coming to campus have already received at least one dose of vaccination and keeping in mind the peer learning aspect, they are provided a twin sharing accommodation.

31. In case of a medical emergency, is there any medical facility or hospital available on or near the campus?

The Ashoka Campus houses an Infirmary for basic health care support along with an Ambulance in case of Medical Emergencies.

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