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Young Scholars Programme: Economics, Policy, and Society

Exploring the Intersections of Our World

Embark on a transformative journey with YSP Economics, Policy, and Society (EPS), a five-day residential programme for high schoolers, from grades 9, 10, 11 & 12, poised to be the next generation of global thinkers and change-makers. This interdisciplinary playground brings together economic theories, government policies, cultural values, and societal dynamics in a vibrant mix of ideas. This programme is uniquely designed for students curious to explore university-level learnings from any of the streams covering Economics, Policy, and Society, as well as their interconnections with varied disciplines. This experiential program equips them for a future of informed decision-making and impactful change.

At YSP EPS, we will explore issues that impact us everyday, and find solutions based in logic and inspired from academic learning. Join us in exploring questions like: how does the intricate movement of macroeconomics influence the decisions made by politicians? What’s the story behind the policies that govern our online lives? Do they safeguard our freedoms or veer into the realm of censorship? Who controls our data from varied social media apps, and why is it necessary to protect it? Who gets to decide between the march of infrastructural progress and the preservation of indigenous land practices? And, as most parts of the world witness a drop in temperature, let’s also ask why the capital of India becomes shrouded in smog for a couple of months. What’s causing this annual phenomenon, and what can be done to clear the air?

As part of YSP EPS, you’ll explore a rich tapestry of interconnected disciplines within social sciences and allied fields. Think Economics, History, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, and exciting newcomers like Digital Humanities, Environment and Sustainability, Law and Policy – they’re all on the menu. Here, students won’t just be learning; they’ll be experiencing, debating, and creating.

Programme dates: May 27 – May 31, 2024 (Session 1) OR June 10 – June 14, 2024 (Session 2)

Applications for YSP 2024 are now closed. Thanks for the overwhelming response.


Hands on projects at YSP EPS: Beyond classroom learning, YSP EPS offers hands-on experience. Students will participate in workshops where they’ll design solutions to pressing challenges. Activities include policy drafting simulations, policy analysis exercises, data-driven decision-making sessions, and collaborative brainstorming activities that mirror real-world policy think tanks. These workshops are creative avenues where our scholars will get an opportunity to exercise application of intersecting disciplines like Economics, Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Politics, Geography and related streams to become future leaders, academicians, and professionals in diverse walks of life.

By the programme’s conclusion, our Young Scholars will be equipped with a holistic understanding of the social, economic, and cultural intricacies of our world. They’ll emerge as informed citizens, ready to lead, analyze, and innovate, with a toolkit that emphasizes ethical considerations, interdisciplinary thinking, and a keen appreciation for the dynamics of economics and policy.

Sample Faculty

YSP Faculty sessions are led by Ashoka’s world-renowned faculty, industry experts, leaders of today, and prominent industry leaders. Through a diverse and interdisciplinary pedagogical model, students are empowered to address global challenges. They’ll engage with stalwarts in their fields, applying an interdisciplinary and experiential learning approach to contemporary innovations.

Sample Inspiring Speakers

YSP EPS students get to engage with industry leaders, academicians and counselors in Open House Sessions, bringing real-world perspectives to enable better decision making on subjects, colleges and career pathways.

Sample Topics

Delve into what makes the world around us as you explore the building blocks of society. Explore the vast expanse of economics as a discipline, exploring microeconomic principles like supply and demand, macroeconomic concepts such as inflation and fiscal policy, and the nuances of behavioral economics that delve into the psychological factors influencing economic decisions. By understanding the interfaceted nature of economics and its interplay with sociology, data analysis, environmental studies, and international relations, students will gain a richer perspective on the complexities and considerations that go into crafting effective policies. YSP EPS will ensure that our scholars get to appreciate the interconnectedness of disciplines on their road to becoming critical thinkers. 

Programme Schedule for YSP EPS

Guided by Ashoka’s world-renowned faculty, students collaborate with like-minded peers, immersing themselves in a vibrant experience of ideas and perspectives. The five-day residential programme entails faculty sessions that bring together interdisciplinary exposure to students with varied and niche interests within topics around Social Sciences and allied disciplines. 

The sessions are enhanced by an addition of simulating workshops in the second-half of the day. These workshops are designed to foster creative and critical thinking, hone skills useful for career development, and build understanding for the applicability of social sciences.

A schedule for YSP EPS is given below*

YSP EPS Programme Schedule

*tentative schedule, subject to change

Learning Outcomes

Becoming a Young Scholar of the Economics, Policy, and Society Programme will ensure that we create informed individuals ready for crafting careers in a number of fields. Some of the outcomes include:

  • Foundational Understanding of Interdisciplinary Fields: Students will gain a comprehensive introduction to the liberal arts and sciences, specifically focusing on economics, sociology, data analysis, and their roles in policy-making. They will be equipped to approach problems with an emphasis on ethical considerations, understanding the importance of interdisciplinary thinking in addressing complex societal issues.
  • Critical Thinking, Evaluation, and Problem Solving Skills: Scholars will develop the ability to critically analyze and evaluate economic theories, government policies, and societal dynamics, understanding their interconnectedness and implications. They will develop the ability to analyze complex issues from multiple perspectives, encouraging innovative solution-seeking and informed decision-making.
  • Policy Formulation and Critique: Through hands-on activities and simulations, students will acquire skills in drafting, analyzing, and critiquing policies, understanding the multifaceted considerations that go into effective policy-making.
  • Collaborative Problem Solving: Engaging in group discussions and workshops, scholars will enhance their collaborative skills, learning to work with diverse perspectives to design impactful solutions to pressing challenges.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Scholars will hone their communication skills, learning to articulate their ideas, analyses, and solutions effectively in both written and verbal formats.
  • Applicability of social sciences: Our carefully designed project-based learning model will help young scholars to identify the utility of economics, policy, and streams that deal with society. This identification will aid their growth in up and coming diverse academic and professional endeavors. 
  • Preparation for Higher Education: With a holistic introduction to the liberal arts and sciences, students will be better informed to make college and career decisions, understanding the vast opportunities and pathways available in the fields of economics, policy, and society.
  • Networking: Engaging with industry leaders, peers, and faculty will provide students with valuable insights and connections, fostering a robust academic and industry network for future endeavors.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academics, students will immerse themselves in cultural, sports, and social activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience that mirrors college life.

Applications for YSP 2024 are now closed. Thanks for the overwhelming response.



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