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Young Scholars Programme: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Impact

Build Knowledge, Foster Connections, and Lead with Impact

Welcome to an all-new Young Scholars Programme this year: YSP Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Impact (ELI).

YSP Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Impact (YSP ELI) is a certified, immersive, and an experiential five-day residential programme tailored for ambitious students from grades 9, 10, 11 & 12. Our mission is to nurture the future world leaders. This comprehensive course is designed for high-schoolers who aspire to drive change across various domains, including entrepreneurship, diverse businesses, corporate ventures, and philanthropic missions or start their own ventures. The programme is thoughtfully designed to empower and equip participants for success.

Dive deep into the fundamentals of business planning, opportunity analysis, finance, marketing, innovation, and more. Our curriculum is a harmonious blend of theoretical insights and hands-on experiences, ensuring students grasp the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. We emphasize cultivating essential leadership skills and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Students also enhance their proficiency in persuasive communication, collaboration, and grasping group dynamics. YSP ELI is the perfect space to bring questions that plague the mind of all self-starters, you may discover answers to questions like – how does an entrepreneur minimize risks in new ventures? Are businesses always profit-minded? How do social entrepreneurs make profits? How do Indian nonprofits collaborate with leaders to create transformative ventures? Why is empathy a necessary attribute of a leader?

At YSP ELI, we don’t just teach; we inspire. Whether you’re gearing up for college applications or envisioning a future entrepreneurial venture, YSP ELI provides the tools and knowledge to set you on the right path. 

Programme dates: May 27 – May 31, 2024 (Session 1) OR June 10 – June 14, 2024 (Session 2)

Applications close on April 21st, 2024 (Sunday), 23:59 hours.


Hands on projects at YSP ELI: At YSP ELI, students participate in daily workshops, diving deep into hands-on projects. These sessions span real-time case studies, market trend analysis, sustainable business brainstorming, and social impact venture strategies. These workshops bridge theoretical learning from faculty sessions with practical application, enhancing problem-solving and innovation. Through this blend, YSP ELI equips students to navigate entrepreneurial challenges, challenge conventional thinking, and lead with clarity, creativity and purpose.

By the end of the programme, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the societal landscape and the transformative ideas needed to make a difference. They will be equipped with a unique toolkit, preparing them for diverse careers and empowering them to envision solutions that leave a lasting impact.

All YSPs are meticulously crafted to mould well-rounded individuals. Beyond academics, we offer cultural, sports, and social enrichment, ensuring students get a taste of a holistic college experience. Join us on this journey and shape your future with YSP ELI.

Sample Faculty

YSP Faculty sessions are led by Ashoka’s global faculty, industry experts, leaders of today, and prominent industry leaders. Through a diverse and interdisciplinary pedagogical model, students are empowered to address global challenges. They’ll engage with stalwarts in their fields, applying an interdisciplinary and experiential learning approach to contemporary innovations.

Sample Inspiring Speakers

YSP ELI students will find themselves in the vicinity of prominent personalities who will share business insights and success stories that are never heard before. Our scholars will enjoy engaging sessions with real-life experts who are at the forefront of causing transformative global shifts in the entrepreneurial world.

Sample Topics

Faculty sessions delve into subjects such as ethical entrepreneurship, strategic philanthropy, venture development, associated risks, and the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship in the post-Covid era. Students will not only engage with case studies, historical contexts, and real-world challenges filled with ethical dilemmas but also participate in daily workshops. These workshops offer hands-on experience with live projects, ranging from analyzing current market trends, crafting sustainable business models, to developing strategies for social impact ventures. Such immersive experiences, combined with foundational theories of entrepreneurship, aim to nurture their critical thinking, design thinking, and leadership skills. 

Through YSP ELI, students are equipped with the knowledge and practical tools to drive meaningful change in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and leadership. The aim is to equip students with the knowledge and tools to drive impactful change in the world they envision.

Programme Schedule for YSP ELI

The five-day residential programme entails interdisciplinary faculty sessions that discuss the state of entrepreneurship, leadership, impact,  their interconnectedness with each other, and other diverse fields. 

The sessions are enhanced by an addition of simulating workshops in the second-half of the day. These workshops are designed to foster innovation and creative thinking, build leadership skills that include pitching, presentation, and organizational management skills. 

A schedule for YSP ELI is given below*

YSP ELI Programme Schedule

*tentative schedule, subject to change

Learning Outcomes

Becoming a Young Scholar of the Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Impact will ensure that we create innovative changemakers ready for crafting careers in a number of fields. Some of the outcomes include:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Students will grasp the foundational principles of entrepreneurship, including opportunity recognition, risk assessment, and venture creation. They’ll develop the ability to identify potential business opportunities and evaluate their viability.
  • Leadership Skills: Cultivating essential leadership qualities will empower students to make informed decisions, foster team collaboration, and communicate effectively in diverse settings.
  • Ethical Considerations: Students will delve into the ethical dimensions of entrepreneurial ventures, understanding the balance between profit-making and societal impact, ensuring sustainable and responsible business practices.
  • Design Thinking: Acquiring skills in design thinking will enable students to approach problems innovatively, emphasizing empathy, ideation, and iterative testing to develop solutions.
  • Realworld Application: Through hands-on projects and case studies, students will bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in entrepreneurial settings.
  • Networking: Engaging with industry leaders, peers, and faculty will provide students with valuable insights and connections, fostering a robust entrepreneurial network for future endeavors.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academics, students will immerse themselves in cultural, sports, and social activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience that mirrors college life.


Applications close on April 21st, 2024 (Sunday), 23:59 hours.



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