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YSP Frontiers of Science

Exploring the sciences of today, to make sense of tomorrow

The Young Scholars Programme – Frontiers of Science (YSP FoS) is a certified, five-day residential course tailored for students, from grades 9, 10, 11 & 12, who are passionate about the future of scientific disciplines. This comprehensive and experiential programme is created for high-schoolers excited about the foundational realms of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry to the vast expanse of Astronomy and the innovative applications of Computer and Data Sciences. Our young scholars get to chart their path in the sciences with YSP FS that sparks their journey with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach.

Guided by Ashoka’s global faculty, scholars delve into cutting-edge research, transformative topics, and future-forward perspectives. They explore groundbreaking innovations in fields such as Astrophysics, Genetics, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, and Clean Energy. It is an opportunity for our scholars to ask questions which require immediate attention, like: How is AI improving cancer care? How do mathematical models help predicting pandemics like Covid-19? How does Physics lead the way to fix global warming? How do we develop Data Models that relieve the infamous traffic congestion in Bangalore? What role does Chemistry play in developing electricity-powered public transportation in developing countries? How did Mangalyaan manage to be one of the most cost-effective Mars missions ever conducted? There is so much to discover!

Programme dates: May 27 – May 31, 2024 (Session 1) OR June 10 – June 14, 2024 (Session 2)

Early application deadlineFebruary 25th 2024 (Sunday), 23:59 hours.

Applications close on April 21st, 2024 (Sunday), 23:59 hours.


Hands on projects at YSP FoS: the learning at YSP FoS isn’t only theoretical. Every day, students venture into state-of-the-art labs, conducting experiments that bring theories to life. They might explore the mysteries of DNA sequencing one day and delve into the intricacies of renewable energy solutions the next. Collaborative group work is central to the YSP experience. Scholars collaborate on projects, challenging each other’s perspectives and co-creating solutions to complex scientific problems. This hands-on approach ensures that students not only understand scientific concepts but can also apply them in real-world contexts.

Beyond academic enrichment, YSP FoS offers a holistic college experience. Scholars reside in student dormitories, savor meals at Ashoka’s diverse dining facilities, engage in recreational and sports activities, and forge lasting bonds with like-minded peers from across India and the globe. It’s an immersive journey into the world of science, fostering curiosity, collaboration, and innovation.


YSP Faculty sessions are conducted by leading academicians in their fields, applying an interdisciplinary and experiential learning approach to some of the most path-breaking developments of our times. 


Sample Inspiring Speakers

At YSP FoS, scholars will share the same space with industry stalwarts and professionals who are utilizing transformative scientific tools in ways never seen before. Our guests will share inspiring stories and insights that are meant to foster future forward thinking.


Sample Topics

YSP FoS exposes students to the width & depth of subjects at the college level, while encouraging active student participation in break out discussion sessions, lab rotations and practical applications of their learning in state of the art lab & research facilities.

YSP FoS will help students get a flavor of various exciting scientific processes such as DNA isolation, purification, PCR/RT-PCR etc., in a Biology lab, which other than getting traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, is also highly important for forensic research, ancestry tracking, vaccine production, genetic analysis etc. It will also be fascinating to witness oscillations (not of a pendulum but of chemical reactions) in a Chemistry lab and also to know where these types of reactions take place in biological systems. Students will get the exposure to the fundamentals of optics in Physics, like how polarized light is used in 3D movies, sunglasses, windows of an airplane, screens of laptops/calculators, oil paintings, watches etc. and last but not the least, it will also offer an opportunity to students, who are interested in computer science and engineering, to do a project in a digital maker’s lab to gain insights on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, making sensors etc.

Plenary Talks:

Young Scholars Programme’s Plenary talks will bring the very latest updates in the domains of Astrophysics, Biology, Biophysics, and Chemistry, from leading international experts. The renowned speakers will focus on a wide range of topics ranging from the evolving stories of the universe to the role that chemistry plays in developing future-forward and sustainable technologies and more. You’re sure to find a topic that piques your interest.

Hands-on Science Lab Activities:

This session will give students an essence of how tools are developed to better understand complex scientific behavior. YSP FoS participants will get an opportunity to ask questions about various scientific phenomena that they see in their daily lives, like: Why some popcorns are round and others have a butterfly kind of a shape, how polarized light is used in 3D movies, sunglasses and windows of an airplane, how is gold plated on a cheaper metal in artificial jewelry? What causes fluorescence in glow bangles, and many others. The session will also provide students a deeper understanding of specific fields like medicine and the future of bioengineering, among many others. 

Programme Schedule for YSP Frontiers of Science

A typical day at YSP FoS starts with exploring the frontiers of science, across disciplines, through Faculty Lectures & Plenary Talks by Ashoka’s Sciences faculty, recognized globally for their pioneering work in their fields of study.

Students then get to put theory to practice, in interactive break-out discussions & lab rotations at our state-of-art lab facilities. The second half of the day provides opportunities for students to further widen their horizons through engaging interactions with Industry leaders, academicians and counselors. The day winds down with fun & recreational activities including sports and the performing arts.

A schedule for YSP FoS is given below*

YSP FoS Programme Schedule

*tentative schedule, subject to change

Learning Outcome

Charting their path with YSP Frontiers of Science will ensure that our young scholars emerge as innovative problem-solvers with a deep understanding of interdisciplinary sciences, making them ready for various career paths. Some of the learning outcomes include:

  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Students will gain a robust understanding of various scientific disciplines, appreciating the interconnectedness of fields and the value of cross-disciplinary insights.
  • Practical Application: Engaging in hands-on lab activities will allow students to translate theoretical knowledge into tangible experiments, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific principles.
  • Research Insights: Exposure to cutting-edge research from leading experts will provide students with a glimpse into the forefront of scientific advancements and emerging trends.
  • Critical Thinking and Innovative Problem-Solving Skills: Analyzing complex scientific data, evaluating research findings, and synthesizing information will hone students’ critical thinking abilities, essential for scientific inquiry. Confronted with real-world scientific challenges, students will learn to devise innovative solutions, leveraging interdisciplinary knowledge and creative thinking.
  • Networking & Collaborative Learning: Team-based projects will foster collaborative learning, encouraging students to share insights, challenge perspectives, and co-create solutions. These experiences will also work as opportunities to network with like-minded students and faculty or speakers.
  • Future of Science: By exploring emerging technologies and their implications, students will gain insights into the evolving landscape of science, preparing them for future scientific endeavors.


Early application deadlineFebruary 25th 2024 (Sunday), 23:59 hours.

Applications close on April 21st, 2024 (Sunday), 23:59 hours.



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