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Young Scholars Programme - Sciences

Your gateway to a bright future in Science & Engineering

The Young Scholars Programme- Sciences, is a certified 5 day residential programme for students who are considering higher education in any of the Science disciplines at the Senior Secondary school or College level. For students who are considering a higher education in any of the Science disciplines at the Senior Secondary school or College level, the programme gives students a deeper understanding of the different subjects (Computer Science, Biology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry). As well as a wider perspective on future pathways with these subject choices. Students get to learn from Ashoka’s globally recognized & experienced faculty, on cutting edge innovations across a wide spectrum of fields from Astrophysics to Genetics, Computer Sciences to Clean Energy and have ample opportunities to put their learning to use in breakout sessions, lab rotations, capstone type projects and discussion forums.

YSP Sciences further builds on introducing students to a holistic college experience, including living in student dormitories, eating at one of our many dining facilities, taking advantage of our extensive sports & recreational facilities, while making friends for life with similarly motivated students from all over India & the world.


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YSP Sciences 2023 Schedule

A typical day at YSP Sciences starts with exploring the frontiers of science, across disciplines, through Faculty Lectures & Plenary Talks by Ashoka’s Sciences faculty, recognized globally for their pioneering work in their fields of study. 

Students then get to put theory to practice, in interactive break-out discussions & lab rotations at our state-of-art lab facilities.  The second half of the day provides opportunities for students to further widen their horizons through engaging interactions with Industry leaders, academicians and counselors. The day winds down with fun & recreational activities including sports and the performing  arts. 

YSP Sciences 2023 Schedule
  • Tentative programme schedule, subject to change


YSP Sciences 2023 Faculty

YSP Faculty sessions are conducted by leading academicians in their fields, applying an interdisciplinary and experiential learning approach on some of the most path-breaking developments of our times.

Sample Topics

YSP Sciences exposes students to the width & depth of subjects at the college level, while encouraging active student participation in break out discussion sessions, lab rotations and practical applications of their learning in state of the art lab & research facilities.

YSP-Sciences will help students get a flavor of various exciting scientific processes such as DNA isolation, purification, PCR/RT-PCR etc., in a Biology lab, which other than getting traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, is also highly important for forensic research, ancestry tracking, vaccine production, genetic analysis etc. It will also be fascinating to witness oscillations (not of a pendulum but of chemical reactions) in a Chemistry lab and also to know where these types of reactions take place in biological systems. Students will get the exposure to the fundamentals of optics in Physics, like how polarized light is used in 3D movies, sunglasses, windows of an airplane, screens of laptops/calculators, oil paintings, watches etc. and last but not the least, it will also offer an opportunity to students, who are interested in computer science and engineering, to do a project in a digital maker’s lab to gain insights on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, making sensors etc.

Sample Talks & Guest Lectures

Plenary Talks

Young Scholars Program’s Plenary talks will bring the very latest updates in the domains of Astrophysics, Biology, Biophysics, and Chemistry, from leading international experts. The renowned speakers will focus on a wide range of topics ranging from the evolving stories of the universe to the tale of fluorescent proteins that have extensive applications as biosensors in studying protein-protein interactions and more. You’re sure to find a topic that piques your interest.

Hands-on Science Lab Activities

This session will give students an essence of how tools are developed to better understand complex scientific behaviour. YSP-Sciences participants will get an opportunity to ask questions about various scientific phenomena that they see in their daily lives: why some popcorns are round and others have a butterfly kind of a shape, how polarised light is used in 3D movies, sunglasses and windows of an aeroplane, how is gold plated on a cheaper metal in artificial jewellery, what causes fluorescence in glow bangles, etc. The session will also provide students a deeper understanding of model organisms. Model organisms are non-human species that are used in the laboratory to help scientists understand biological processes.



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