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Young Scholars Programme- Computer Science

Explore, experience, and engage with cutting edge developments in the field of Computer Science

Ashoka Young Scholars Programme is excited to introduce a new programme this year! The Young Scholars Programme- Computer Science (YSP-CS) is a certified, 5- day, residential programme designed for students in grades 9,10,11 & 12 interested in the field of computer science and its allied disciplines. YSP-CS provides students a deeper and wider exposure to the discipline in line with Ashoka’s multidisciplinary approach to higher education. Taught by a globally renowned & experienced faculty (details below), the programme is designed to inspire, motivate and prepare students for higher studies, whether at the senior secondary school or college level or even for life beyond. Given the foundational nature of computer science today across fields of study and in our daily lives, the programme is equally relevant for students who may pursue other disciplines but seek a better understanding of cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the future. The programme does not require students to have any prior CS experience.

Join us for a transformative journey of the mind as we delve deeper into broad and complex questions such as– What computer science is? What role does it play in the development of our society? How are systems such as ChatGPT, DALLE 2 impacting the world? What are the main ethical questions that the field is currently grappling with? Not only will we delve deep into core aspects of computer science, but we will also explore bridges into other subjects, ranging from philosophy to psychology, to environmental science, and more.

Students will get a holistic view of groundbreaking developments in computer science, engage in stimulating discussions on applications to real-world problems and exposure to hands-on MakerSpace sessions & tutorials on 3D printing, designing and building cyber-physical objects, and much more. All YSP programmes are designed to develop well-rounded students, who are better prepared for subject choices, college and life beyond offering not only academic but also cultural, sports and social enrichment, all part of a wholesome college experience.

Sample Faculty

YSP Faculty sessions are conducted by leading academicians in their fields, applying an interdisciplinary and experiential learning  approach to some of the most path-breaking developments of our times. Through faculty sessions on topics such as Human Centric Design, Digital Humanities and Ethical Questions in Technology, students will engage in the 21st-century applications of CS in solving problems such as organ imaging, brain mapping, handling & computing large data sets for effective and efficient policy making.

Sample Topics

The YSP-CS is designed on the twin poles of exposing students to the nuances of CS as a field and its intimate relationship with other disciplines such as Mathematics, Economics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Literature, and so on. Through faculty sessions, workshops, hands-on activities, and group activities, the programme aims to build a lasting and profound interest in not just the field of CS but also prepare students for the world of college, work, and beyond. 

Through faculty sessions on topics such as the Nature of Social Networks, Understanding Big Data, and Ethical Questions in Technology, students will engage in the 21st-century applications of CS in solving problems such as organ imaging, brain mapping, handling & computing large data sets for effective and efficient policy making. Furthermore, students will be able to see how computational techniques can help us combat deadly diseases such as breast cancer as well as help literary theorists infer the commonalities in all Booker Prize and Nobel Prize-winning novels and stories. 

In addition to all this exciting and contemporary knowledge, students will also have the rare opportunity to operate instruments such as 3D printers, function generators, and oscillators. 

Programme Schedule for YSP Computer Science*

YSP-CS days begin with engaging and thought-provoking faculty sessions that delve deep into the many fundamental questions around CS and its allied disciplines and engagement with social sciences and other sciences. Students interact with the best, world-renowned Ashoka faculty and are introduced to the cutting-edge work they are engaged in.

Later in the day, students work at the inspiring MakerSpace labs, where they get to engage in hands-on activities such as 3D printing, building cyber-physical objects, tinkering with AI models, and so on. The day ends with recreational, cultural, and sports activities and a hearty meal!

A tentative programme schedule is provided below.

YSP CS Programme Schedule
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